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Howls of Sorrows
06 November 2030 @ 05:49 am
There will be a lot of talking about things, people, and such. There will be hate and bashing. If you don't like what you read here, then I don't know what the hell to tell. Can't handle it, then don't read it and bitch about it. I write what's on my mind and how I feel. Can't handle that? Then STFU.
Howls of Sorrows
06 November 2011 @ 05:48 am
Well not much really happens too much anymore...

Boki has Adrenal disease like his two sisters had. He won't be around too much longer. He went down hill after they passed away. Hooter is going to take it bad once he goes..

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Howls of Sorrows
05 July 2011 @ 04:24 am

Transformers Dark Of The Moon was awesome, saw it and it was awesome. Though, Bay so could've done better, he lacked more Autobots and Decepticons badly. The wreckers were pointless, and so were Brains, Que, and Dino. I mean really? There is such a list of other Autobots they could've used from the real line and same with Decepticons and actually let them all speak more. Ugh. And omg what they did to Ironhide, I freakin cried seeing that. How could they kill Ironhide? Seriously... Oh I even cried over the shuttle part too. Sad moments..  Bumblebee was adorable at the end. Bay even could've made the movie longer instead of like 2 hours, why not push over 3? That way there could've been more fighting and more bots involved.


4th of July came and gone, saw some fireworks. One placed sucked like hell, the other place good. All there is to that.

So the dog is pretty much deaf now, doesn't hear anything like he used to anymore. The lens on one of his eye's is hardening up and a cataracte in the other, but really sm
all so far. He's turning into an old man now. Vet said not to worry about any of it too much, if he's in the same surroundings all the time, he'd be fine.

Well that's about it.

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Howls of Sorrows
12 May 2011 @ 02:19 am
Noticed I haven't wrote in 7 months, and since I'm bored and tired out of my mind, figured I would. There might be a lot of misspelling due to blurry tired eye's.

  • Finally have a new computer which is awesome and makes me jizz.
  • Osama Bin Laden is dead, that Shawn was killed over in Iraq for.
  • It'll be 4 years now that Shawn will be gone.
  • Had a job and lost it because of my cousin
  • A lot of shit went down because of my cousin
  • We have a new cat.
  • Holidays went and gone
  • Since I have my new computer, I can now play MapleStory again which rocks socks
  • I don't talk to any of the assholes anymore, which is good.
  • I like a guy which is with some bitch that he needs to leave so that = fail
  • Can't wait for Transformers Dark side of the Moon to come out for I can jizz.
Well that's pretty much that all happened in the 7 months. And for the past few days I've been having the creepy crawly feeling again. And omg it's been sooo much drama free in the past year or so from not talking to anyone anymore, I forgot how it was without it. Greatness...

So... Think that's it. Gonna smoke and go to bed.
Howls of Sorrows
28 July 2010 @ 02:40 am
I actually have no idea what to really write. Not much has really happened in the past half a year or something?

1. It's been three years since Shawn has been going now. How that flew by, I dunno.. Yet it seems like, me and his mother are the only ones actually going out to see him and bring him things. Go figures.

2. It'll be 6 years since my grandpa died which doesn't seem like it at all.

3. It's been 7 months since Missy has been gone, almost 5 months since Mika has been gone. Been 10 years for old Silver and old Missy. God that's along time now, and it totally doesn't seem like 10 years for them.. Nor for Missy and Mika..

4. Three trips to the hospital already. First time was for two weeks, the other two times for a few hours. $5,000 just to be there for them to take a few tests is bullshit.

5. I have no life.

6. Right now my addiction is Transformers, and I love my RP buddy that puts up with it <3

7. 4th of July sucked. Saw the fireworks at different places that sucked. Wasn't like last year.

8. Went and saw Twilight Eclipse when it came out. It sucked, but it's to be expected for the third one as all the good crap happen's in the last book.

9. Uhh...

10. X Japan is to play in Aug. in fuckin Chicago >< And Dir en Grey in Detroit again. Damn it. I soo wanna go to both badly.

I think that's pretty much it. Not much that happens which I rather have it that way.
Howls of Sorrows
27 March 2010 @ 01:11 am
Been a while. I posted back in Nov. ?

Dec. 28th. 2009. Missy died. Her seizures got worse and had to put my angel baby down. I cried for a week without her. Mika and Boki took it hard, it took me two weeks just to get them to come back into my room and them to stop searching the house for her.

Mar. 8th 2010.  Mika died.  She died at home. She was fine but then her body started shutting down. My mom saw her take her last breath. She was my mom's ferret, and bawled the whole morning. She lived to be 6 years old, and Missy almost made it.

Over a week was in and out of the hospital or staying in there. That was pure hell. And the new hospital here sucks, most of the nurses there don't do their fucking jobs at all, and your lucky if you even see a doctor in five days. Never go there again.

Still having problems with curtain people. Guess I'm not good enough for them.

Hehe bought New Moon and X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Got the truck fixed, lost my car. Finally redoing the place for once. Putting new flooring all in, painting my walls, getting new beds.

Wow.. That's pretty much it..
Howls of Sorrows
04 November 2009 @ 11:28 pm
I thought I had to put Missy down last week, the weekend of Halloween. She and Mika have Adrenal Disease. Its where the glans in the back of their legs go out of wack, get tumor's or cancer. Not much you can really do about it. There is surgery, shots, and trying to re-verse the effects, but with Missy it's way too late and she has seizures.  Mika isn't too bad yet, just the start of it which she's getting some type of shots for.

Anyways, she came down real sick, wouldn't eat at all, couldn't walk or nothing. Brought her in and I had a choice, either put her on anti-bitoics or put her to sleep. I started crying right off the bat about losing my angel-baby. Well we chose not to put her to sleep yet and put her on anti-bitoics and a strong pain killer. It worked. She's better but she does have her days. She doesn't really eat too much on her own so I gotta feed her threw a tube. Other then that, she walks fine, and everything else.

Sucks when she's sleeping in my bed. Keep rolling on her. Keep moving her waaay across the bed, but she keeps snuggling right back against me. Even today when mom came in to check where she went, mom went to close the curtains i guess cuz the sun was going on the angel baby's face. When she turned around to see if she settled down, she said she was stretch out against me.

My little Angel-Baby... It's gonna be hard letting them go since their going to be the last of them.

Cut my hair in the beginning of Oct. I think. Chopped everything off. Only a bit of black is left. It was already long enough I could put the back in a small pony tail. So it had to go. And she made me get rid of the mo-hank thing going on top. Damn it.. I liked it..

So didn't do anything for Halloween, just went to Wal-Mart and sat home and drank. Pretty much blown. But the kids had pumpkins to play with and carved them for 'em.

Oh I totally saw X-Men Origins: Wolverine and nearly died. I still can't get over it.. Sexy SaberTooth.. Mmm... I want that movie so bad. Saw, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Ice Age 3, The Proposal, Land of the Lost, AdventureLand, Caroline, YearOne, Observe and Report, Drag me to hell, Transformer, and some others.

Twilight: New Moon comes out this month too and so waiting for it. Gonna go see that bitch.

Watched Ghost Adventures 7 hour Live that it was the shit. They had 8 camera's set up to watch online and if you saw anything to post it. Plus when Zak went by the camera's in the place he's wave. Then after the live they got on the web cam to talk and answer people questions and I got one of mine answered <3.  Also watched Ghost Hunters Live too which kinda sucked. Where ever they were at, they had 4-5 cameras set up and some other one. If you saw or heard anything in the place to hit the panic button and I guess they were suppose to go and see what. It sucked cuz you can just hear them talking or moving shit threw the whole thing.

Thanksgiving is coming up. Ugh. Suppose to be at my aunts this year but were not going. I'm not going to sit there and have them rub shit in my face like they do every year. Them always bring their boyfriends or friends, Jack always rubbing something else in my face how their in college or grad from college or some stupid shit to piss me off or bring up my dad. So fuck that.

I don't even want to do shit for X-mas either. I don't want to go to my grandma's either cuz its not worth it anymore and all she does is either get up stupid shit, I get suckered into doing something, or we do everything. Same goes for new years and every other holiday that comes around. They really should get rid of the holidays..

Been reading nothing but fanfics lately since its really the only thing to do anymore. GaiaOnline had their Halloween thing and I got all of the stuff for it. Neopets had their grab bags for the whole month of Oct. but I only got two the whole much with sucked.

Mom got sick, been sick for over three weeks now. They think she has the H1N1 virus. And they didn't do shit for it. They didn't even take the test for it either, didn't give her nothing. The fuck is the point going to the doctor's if they don't do shit? Even my uncle took one of his kids to the hospital cuz she kept running a fever over 100 and they didn't test her or give her anything. More or less said she was fine.

I didn't get it or got sick. I'm classed as probably a carrier of the virus. Some don't get it, but if they been around someone that has, they can just carry the virus and pass it on.

Hm, pretty much about it..
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Howls of Sorrows
12 September 2009 @ 05:53 am
So. Had to take a trip to the damn Dentist. Not all too happy.

Gonna cost nearly another grand just to fix four fuckin teeth. That is bullshit. Course they don't care, long as their getting their money the greedy fuckers.

The top very far back one has I get a big ass cavity in it. Go figure, already knew, that's why I was there. Then I guess the one beside that one has a cavity in it somewhere. Whatever..

The far back one on the bottom I guess is really bad. There's already a band of a filling on it and I guess the fuckin filling on that one crack in half I guess. HOW THE FUCK GOES IT CRACK?! Can't be from eating cuz there's no tooth above that one to chew with. And then the one beside that one is back too.

Course he's like, "You drink a lot of pop?".  Me, "Yea so? I drink out of a straw, its not even touching my teeth, esp. the back ones.".  The asshole. "Doesn't matter.".  Fuck you. Weren't for people having cavities, you wouldn't have a job fuck face.  It only seems to be that side that always keeps fucking up the most. Yea the other side all has fillings but none of them are that bad or had problems with them.

So it's gonna be another four damn visits. Oh plus their running an Oral Cancer test too. So whatever, its all bullshit.

Last weekend went to Indiana and Rockford, not biggie there. Trying to get the internet hooked up to my Wii for I can watch shit on the tv and can't get it to work or really figure it out. Pissing me off.

That's about it.
Howls of Sorrows
01 September 2009 @ 12:07 am
Sooo let's see.. Nothing really new, just random crap happening here and there.

Two of my teeth hurt really bad. I wanna numb them up and just yank that damn things out myself. Saves me a trip and billions of money.

Play Animal Crossings here and there, it get's boring after awhile. So seems the internet now a days, besides the rping.

On the prawl for a new boy toy or something. Eh, believe me, there's no picker's out there either. Their all blah.

Same, same, same...

Halloween is coming up, woo! Though probably be sitting home this year.

My big dragon broke, been trying to super glue it all back together cuz it would really be a waste to just toss it out.

Oh yea.. I had someone pop up one night at 5:30 in the damn morning yelling threw my window. After two years.. TWO YEARS, he show's his face.. God I dunno about him sometimes. Course with him it's come and go, and probably won't see his ass again in another two or more years..  Whatever.

I go to Indiana and Rockford this weekend. For yay. Two long trips where I'll be wanting to scream and hit someone. And I think to the zoo too, not sure on that one.

I need more and new jrock music to listen to. I should look into new bands.. There's still a lot I haven't listen to yet, I should get on that..

So like I said, nothing really new. Just talking to people and seeing them here and there when we can.
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Howls of Sorrows
02 August 2009 @ 07:34 pm
Men are just fuckin users on this earth. They play around with a girl for awhile, then they either toss them aside or go back to the bitch before them. That is totally fucked up. Don't sit there and say you care and you like someone, then turn around and go back to your ex or the dumb bitch before hand. That is just wrong, get's a lot of people not have any respect for you anymore, or your ass beat from some.

I hate that so much. Just like now. A guy said he cared about me and liked me. Ok.. Then why do you go back to the dumb ex you left what three months ago? Why cuz she lied to you and said she was preg? So fuckin what. No one needs to go back to someone just cuz they knocked them up, if that were the case, every man on this earth that knocked a whore up would be with them. WRONG.

Don't tell me you care and like me when your lying threw your teeth at me. If you did, you'd be with me. DUH! Not them. Lying bastards. Their all the same. Users, cheaters, worthless fucks.

What's pissing me off the most about the whole thing is, you tell me. If your gonna go back to someone else, you tell me, not just go off and do it and then say something about it a month later or I find out from someone else or on my own. That is what is pissing me off the most. Fine if you don't want to be with me fuckin tell me and don't be a pussy about it. And then tell me I knew? No. No I didn't. If I did, I wouldn't be so pissed off and ready to smash your face in.  Thinking and doing are two different things. Thinking about going back to your ex is totally different then actually going back to them. Get your shit straight.

Then guys make up the excuse too, "We can be friends".  Are you serious? Like it's going to happen, like your still going to be around, call, text, message or whatever. How many times have I heard that one and get blown off like they don't know me? You won't be there, you won't still be a friend or whatever lie you said. Once it really happens then I'll believe you. Other then that, I don't believe you or won't till you do or get your shit figured out cuz I'm not gonna be your little wheel of excitement.
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